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in naruto does baki fight the second proctor? the one in the final chuin exaims? which episode?

when sasuke and gaara are done fighting. do you ever get to see baki fight? with the non coughing proctor?

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    The non-coughing proctor is Shiranui Genma. And yes I think Baki does fight him but the fighting is not shown in the Naruto anime episode.

    Here's a link to a video with part of the scene with Baki and Genma:

    Youtube thumbnail

    . It's episode 68, ""Zero Hour! The Destruction of the Hidden Leaf Village Begins!".

    In the video, Baki tells Temari and Kankuro to bring Gaara away to rest. And when Temari asks Baki, "What about you, sensei?", Baki replies, "I will stop these guys".

    And later on in the episode, Genma tells Sasuke to chase after Gaara. So after the Sand Siblings and Sasuke have left, Baki and Genma are left facing each other, so I would think that they fight with each other, although we don't get to see it.

    Yup hope that helps! :)

    Source(s): Wikipedia, YouTube, and also from watching Naruto! :)
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    Naruto Baki

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    Baki Naruto

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    The second proctor was Anko...Hayate Gekko, He was the 3rd proctor. He was the referee for the Chunin Selection Exam ,Baki kills him.. and Genma Shiranui takes Hayate's place for the main matches..he has a senbon in his mouth and no baki doesnt try to fight him..its in episode 68

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    no i dont think so

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