What is Theatre?

How would you describe what theatre is, in a long, detailed (Or just long) explanation?

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    theatre, today as we know it is:

    the creative expression of the human condition, investigating and questioning culture,taboo and reality. It does and MUST streach the audience's perceeved values and understandings of the world in which they enhabit. Theatre does not allways mean entertainment, this is a commercial angle taken upon theatre. BUT the mechanics of theatre is to explore and protray rather than to create sensationalist escapism for an audience.

    In earlier times it was a way of capturing and perserving nature into a single moment, much like renassence painters.

    edit: I disagree with JB , for a real opera singer of such a pedigree would not devalue their art or the art of others. Try reading the works of Artaud or "Certain fragments" these are two very informative and enlightening sources.

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    hum well to me theatre is a way of being happy and having fun while torturing yourself at the same time. (weather doing it or watching it) to most people tho it would be a way of entertainment, before there was TV and movie theaters lots of people went to see plays and musicals all the time, to lots of people (mainly rich people) it was the only entertainment they had.

    AND theatre is not a misspelling, or a way of being fancy or snobby, it is the original spelling but in america was re written as theater and now is spelled this way alot, but some people (like me) think that it looks pretty that way so i use it

    Source(s): i did a school report on theatre last year, this is just bits and peices that i remember
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    Theatre is a misspelled word. Theater is entertainment. I am tired of the art snobs who think there is this great ethereal definition of art that only they can grasp. Art is here to uplift mankind and praise God. We are not here for the sake of art it is here for us.

    Source(s): Professional opera singer-10 years I would certainly not devalue my art or anyone else's. Rather, it is my goal to empower individuals to make their own judgments about the art that they appreciate rather than call something art simply because they are told to. That is why I say that art is here to enhance our lives and not something for us to follow or worship. "Artists" today seem to think that they are more enlightened than the rest of us. But, if art truly comes from within us, how can one person be more enlightened than another? By the way, type "theatre" and hit spell check and see what happens.
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