Now That Bush's Personal Counsel is Gone, ... Might the People Get Their Judicial Representation Back?

Excuse me, Did I Say Bush's Personal Counsel? ... Make That the Former Attorney General of the United States, Roberto Gonzales.

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    No.Not until the asswipe's gone for good will American jurisprudence as personified by the Attorney General be anything other than the GOP's Party Prosecutor.

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    Funny how Democrats have no problem with Clinton giving China military secrets. That action put the U.S. at risk for a nuclear attack from China.

    Also, Why Did Clinton's Attorney General Try To Subvert A Probe Of Clinton's Campaign Scandals?

    Clinton's Attorney General subverted probe of Clinton's campaign fund scandals. Later, many of those involved in the scandals pled guilty.


    "Reno subverts probe of Clinton scandals - Attorney General Janet Reno, President Bill Clinton, fund-raising by Democratic Party, Lum family "


    U.S. Department Of Justice legal document

    "In 1997, the Task Force obtained guilty pleas from Democratic fund-raisers Nora and Gene Lum, their daughter Trisha, and Michael Brown for illegal fund-raising activities after their cases were referred from Independent Counsel Daniel Pearson."

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    No. Bush will just pick another crook to replace Gonzo.

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