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how does play strengthen intellectual skills?

and how can play aid emotional growth

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    Play allows children to use their imagination... anytime the brain is working it is also growing and developing. While a child plays they are thinking and using new ideas. They are also discovering new feelings and new ideas... Play definitely plays a role in emotional growth. Many times it gives children a sense of individuality and autonomy. They realize they get to control their own play and their own imagination. Play is a HUGE part of child development.

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    Intellectual Skills

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    As one ementary school teacher said, "Play is a child's work"

    With a stack of plastic bowls the child will learn about geometry.

    With a stack of wooden blocks a child will learn gravity.

    Music he'll learn from banging pots and pans and metal bowls in the kitchen.

    Parenting he'll learn from the puppy.

    Zoology and biology he'll learn in the grass in the backyard.

    Space flight and balance he'll learn in the swing.

    At the park it's "play nice and share and take turns" or get knocked off your feet.

    Dress-up infront of the mirror teaches color and style and pride in how one looks.

    Bathtime teaches cleanliness and about the wonderful world of water and all the things you can do with it..

    Play with other children helps a child learn emotionally by taking turns, by learning that you can't be the winner every time. It teaches you to get up and try again, and again. It helps a child to feel he is part of the group when his drawing hangs on the wall beside all the others. At lunch he learns other children have needs and wants and desires and preferences too. And he learns to feel emotionally secure as he learns one of life's most important lessons: waiting for your turn patiently. We see all sorts of adults at bus stops or in the grocery line that haven't learned that one!

    Remember being a child, and the best feeling in the world was squishing warm mud between your toes?....Textures.

    Source(s): Mom of 5
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    Learning to play is useful even as an adult.

    You learn to manage your emotions and reduce stress.

    You learn to create imaginary worlds. Also great for inventing and being creative later in life.

    You learn to cooperate with others.

    You learn the value of sharing.

    You learn the value of structure and rules.

    You learn to communicate.

    You learn to argue for your rights.

    You learn to speak-up.

    You learn to plan and think.

    You learn to focus on whats going on here and now.

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