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Kanji/Chinese Combination?

What are some Kanji and Chinese name combinations for Jiji, Jaja, Jaji and Jia? Thanks.


Also what does this name 持慈 mean?

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    Jiji = 爺 = Grandfather

    The rest is gibberish (ex: snake-snake but not a name at all)


    Jiji = 积极 = Proactive

    There is no "ja" sound in Mandarin

    Jia = 家 = Home

    Jia = 嘉 = Excellent, also a common girl's name

    Jia = 佳 = Excellent, also a common guy's name

    If you change ji to zhi, ja to sha, then there are more choices.

    Zhizhi = 芝芝, a girl's name

    Shasha = 莎莎, a girl's name

    持慈 is hardly a name.

    持 is a verb meaning to hold something usually tangible (ex: id card, license).

    慈 is a noun meaning "kindness".

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    You can search pinyin pronunciation (and / or) chinese character in this dictionary:

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