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Help!? hiv? or not?

i got tested two months ago and tested did this guy that i slept with...we started w/o a condom but then used one..also had oral sex...the day after i got a reddish spot on my side and within a couple hours three-four more showed up. there is a small purple one on my inner thigh and on my rib..and also one on my leg? could it be ks? or hiv? im really we both were camping at that time to..and slept on an air mattress that had been outside a couple days..could it just be a bite? how soon does ks show up after infection? please help!

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    It is most likely a bite.

    If you tested negative 2 months prior there is no way it is KS. KS is becoming rarer and rarer and it usually is seen WELL after the first few years. And the colour is usually purple to brown-black, not red.

    However, an HIV test is NEVER a bad idea.

    I would wait for a few days and if they don't resolve, then see a physician. But I would get tested anyway.

    And you should use a condom from the very beginning of intercourse.

    Hope this helps

    Source(s): HIV/STI Prevention and Outreach Educator x 5 years
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