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--聽日交-- 各位知識朋友 , 入黎幫我手 ar !!! (英文F.1 ) (1)

各位知識朋友 , 入黎幫我手 ar !!!

我有幾條英文問題唔識 , 幫手解答 ar( 英文F.1 )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.In the table below there are descriptions of eight jobs.Write the names of the

jobs in the correct spaces in the first column.Each name consists of two words.

(a)job - ______________________

description - a person who buys stock for a shop.

(b)job - ______________________

description - a person who teaches dancing.

(c)job - ______________________

description - the principal of a school.


(d)job - ______________________

description - a person who plays tennis.

(e)job - ______________________

description - a manager in a bank

(f)job - ______________________

description - a clerk in an office

Update 2:

(g)job - ______________________

description - a person who works in a factory

2.Fill in the blank (同第1a題答案一樣).

My nephew is a __________ for a department syore in Japan.He travels a lot.

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    1. (a) investor

    (b) dancing teacher

    (c) head master

    (d) tennis player

    (e) bank manager

    (f) clerk

    (g) worker

    2. investor

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