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is there lead in drinking glasses?

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    Yes some lead is allowed to be used in manufacturing of glass used for human consumption. However only a certain amount can be used. It just makes the crystal in the glass sparkle. Perhaps you heard the term "lead crystal"? I have included a link for you. Normal drinking glasses are made of glass, not crystal, so there shouldnt be any in "normal" drinking glasses.

    Lead is found naturally in drinking water. Lead Crystal uses lead oxide to make the crystal sparkle brighter. You may know these glasses as wine glasses, vessels, or chalices. Read more:


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    The use of lead in making glass has been banned for many years. As a result any new glasses you purchase would be safe to use. However there may be antique glasses that do contain lead, especially crystal ones. I would not use these to drink from if you have any. It would also depend, of course, on what you beverage use them for and how long you leave the liquid in the glass. Lead is still used in some forms of crystal however it is unlikely any lead would leach into what you are drinking unless you left it sitting for a significant period of time, several hours anyway.

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    Generally not. However, some crystal does; adding lead makes the glass more refractive (sparkly) and easier to cut into facets. This is why you don't store wines in crystal decanters - it can leech the lead from the crystal into the alcohol, and thus into you when you drink it.

    Though, with all the lack of controls over materials and processes in Chinese manufacturing, who knows, they may make table glass from lead crystal too! Whew!

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    Some drinking glasses are made of lead glass but that's nothing to worry about. Even acidic drinks don't dissolve it. About the only substance I've heard of which dissolves glass is hydrofluoric acid, and that's hazardous to your health even without lead.

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    There are varying amount of lead in crystal glasses/dishes, but it's safe to use. Even though it's clear, they show up pitch black going thru the airport scanners. See link:


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    some old drinking glasses (usually, but not always, antiques) have lead.

    And every now and then you will see pottery labeled something like "not to be used with food" which makes me think that some pottery paint may have lead.

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    No. At least not in my plastic ones!

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    depends on your glasses...

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