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How safe is it to recieve ach deposits???

once the ach deposit is in my account is there any way that the party that deposited it into my account can reverse the transaction and i can be held liable for that money....


i sold an item and recieved an ach deposit my bank cleared it but i am worried that the party that made the deposit is not so legit. i am worried that now that i used the money to pay the vendor for the merchandise somehting is going to go wrong with the transfer and i am going to be held liable for that money.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes an no:

    Yes - If the ACH deposit/withdrawl was a mistake (such as an accounting error in the payroll department from your employer), you most likely had to sign a form saying you authorized the employer to adjust your deposit to fix the error.

    No - If money is moved to/from your account due to fraud, all you need to do is immediately notify the bank and file a form called affadavit of forgery to get the situation corrected. The bank will conduct an investigation and fix things for you.

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