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Moving to Medford Oregon?

I am thinking about moving to Medford Oregon does anyone know of any good Jobs or places to live?

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    It's cheaper to live in Central Point than Medford, but after factoring in the commute (which isn't long, granted, but a facor nevertheless...), you may choose to live in Medford.

    As far as jobs are concerned, it really depends on your level of education/skills/prior experience. I moved here a couple of years ago due to a friend's illness and had virtually no idea what I was getting into. I landed a job after about a month (after having been a manager for almost a year and making good money)...which started at Oregon minimum wage and didn't move up very quickly...and still hasn't...oi....

    Medford vibe is a little stuck at the moment - the overall feeling is liberal enough to have progressive thought, but still conservative enough that there are enough guns to keep the bleeding heart extremists at bay! *laughs*

    Someone coined Medford perfectly: Where the Grateful Dead meets Deliverance.

    The town is virtually dead as far as culture and social arena ("what do people DO in this town?!?!?"...."go to Ashland."), unless you are a barfly or a meth addict. And both of those breeds thrive in Medford, believe me.

    I'll be completely honest with you here - I should have moved somewhere else. Somewhere with a little more liveliness to it, somewhere with a better job market/economy, somewhere with a little more soul. Medford (in general...please grant exceptions as there are some great people here) is a town full of people who have contented themselves by settling for less because it takes too much effort to achieve elsewhere.

    Another problem being faced (ASIDE from the meth, ASIDE from the libraries of the entire county being shut down, and ASIDE from the illegals) is the fact that uberwealthy, retiring Californians find Oregon to be "quaint" and are buying ridiculous homes at ridiculous prices, therein driving up the cost to own, rent, and the taxes associated with that.

    To be fair, Southern Oregon does have it's benefits.

    It's city enough to have stores and conveniences, but rural enough that you can go hiking, rafting, fishing, etc. without having to travel very far. If you're into the outdoorsy lifestyle (which I am), that's a great perk to being here. However, my job consumes a great deal of my life, and therefore I can't have the time to get out and enjoy it, anyway.

    Currently, Medford doesn't face the gang and racial issues like Portland does...but it's coming. Even in the short time that I've been here, I've noticed more and more drama develop as people flood to the area, and it can't be that far off. Similarly, there isn't much of a murder rate around here, and if there ARE robberies, it's GENERALLY identity theft or meth related.

    Also, about the weather - I made the mistake of hoping that the summers would not be ridiculously hot, that we would have Seattle/Portland-esque, ma'am. Not at all.

    While the winters are relatively mild (you WILL want either chains or snow tires for your car, especially if you're going between towns), the summers are scorchers. Definitely reminds you that you are on the California side of Oregon.

    Rent for a 1 bedroom in Medford is going to range between $450-$750/month. Check out for rentals, and get in there. Avoid Cottage Street, Tripp Street, 11th and probably 10th street as's the cheapest rent you'll find, but it's not worth it in my opinion. Too many acquaintences with stolen car stereos/busted windows for my liking.

    email me if you have any more questions - I'll be happy to do what I can.

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    Craigslist Medford Ashland

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    To correct what the other people answering the questions said, It is not snowy in Medford. Once every 3 or 4 yrs, it snows during the night just enough to cover the ground. It has melted before 10 a.m. the next morning and won't snow again for 3 or 4 yrs. SOU and RCC both have a very large campus in down town Medford that covers several blocks. They have been located in Medford since 1995. Medford has two Highs Schools, North and South. They are currently building a third high school. The bedroom communities of Central Point and Pheonix both have high schools also. The bedroom communitie of White City sends their students to Eagle Point High School which adjoins the North East Side of White City. Medford is located 30 miles above the California border. It actually consist of several small towns and Medford itself. On the north west side of Medford is Central Point, On the north east side is White City, on the South side is Pheonix, and on the west side of Medford is Jacksonville. The combined population is around 125,000 people. The weather is hot in the summer with the average in July and August being near 100 degrees. The winter is cool, dropping to around 28 or 29 at night in Dec. and Jan, but raising to the mid 50's during the day. Rains start at the end of Oct. and last until the mid or end of March. The average total rainfall is 17 inches per year. It is rare for it to rain between April and Sept. It snows in Medford every couple of years. Just enough to cover the ground and then it is gone by mid day. Medford is located in a valley between the Cascade and Siskyou mountain ranges. The mountains and rivers supply many lakes for water sports and outdoor recreation. In the winter, snow sports in the mountains is very popular. Medford has all the shopping malls, restaurants and recreation of a city of 125,000 people, like weekly concerts in the parks, Big Names at Britt in Jacksonville, and at the Amphitheater in Central Point, plus all the outdoor wilderness recreation not available in large cities, like jet boats, hiking, skiing, beach parties, white water rafting, quads and motor cycles in the forest, etc.. Politics, the same as the rest of the state. Democrat or Republican.

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    Ahhh i grew up my whole life there :D :D um... jobs...hmm...depends what you like theres plenty you don't need to worry ....retail (the mall), restraunts ...(...every corner), ya trust me you'll find one and central point's cool to live in..right next door to medford

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