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Hi all =), Names please!? Many answers are appreciated! =)?

My grandparent recently adopted this dog from the humane society, and my family has also adpoted a dog from there in the past (we <3 her!). We don't like the dog's current name, "scrappy". Please many answers! Shout out some names and I'll give you ten points if I'm like'n it too! =)

Here's a picture of the dog!;ADR=58...


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    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww..... he looks like my little Pomeranian who's name is Rusty!

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    Is scrappy a male or female?

    Sassy was the first name that came to mind - but might give a boy a complex ;-)

    Foxy - for obvious reasons!



    Parcs (Taking the SCRAP and reversing it!)

    Gem or Gemmy (as it gemstone - opposite of scrap)

    Could keep listing, but you'll get bored!

    Good luck -and good on you!

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    I'm not sure if it is just that photo, but he seems to have a lion quality about him to me. (With that golden mane all around his head). How about Mufasa? You could call him 'fasa for short. And little dogs need good strong names :-)

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    Oh he/she's a cutie! I had a dog who looked alot like this one. Mom named him Peanut.

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    Leo. He looks like a little lion!

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    Keep the name.The dog has grown used to it.How would you like it if someone just changed your name?I like Romeo if you really need to change it!

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    y would u want to change the name of the dog. it will just make the dog very confused. i tried changing my dog's name to something else after he had his name (chase) for 5 years. he was so confused. if the dog really knows his name and responds to it then i wouldnt change it. if u really love the dog the name shouldnt matter

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    How about Copper or Mako or Chomper if he like to chew ;o)

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