Not allowed to wear pants??

Which demonination does not allow women to wear pants?

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    When I was a kid, we went to a little country Baptist church that did not allow women to wear pants. The preacher's wife did not have a single pair of pants in her wardrobe.

    I think Apostolics forbid the wearing of pants on women, too. In high school, a girl a few grades behind me had to quit the marching band because the uniform consisted of a pair of pants, and her parents would not let her wear them since they violated their religious beliefs.

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      same! im not allowed to wear pants to school or anywhere else, only to work

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    Pentecostal. Some branches of it anyway.

    Subject: Oneness and Trinitarians

    I don't know if you know about it or not, but there are a lot of Pentecostal churches, some Assembly of God, and some just Independent "Holiness", or "Pentecostal by name, that have repented, been baptized in water, and been baptized in the Holy Ghost, and they live right...they even follow holiness standards of dress and conduct..such as women not wearing pants, (some don't even believe in wearing wedding rings)...

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      my church is Pentecostal, and we are not allowed to wear wedding rings when we get married, and girls are not allowed to wear pants

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    My sister was a JW and she was not allowed to wear pants., I don't know if that's true anymore but when she was going she was told to wear dresses or long skirts, she got in trouble for wearing pants.

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    United Pentecostol Church of God

    they have some strange beliefs and preach hellfire

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    I gave WWJB a thumbs up just for providing a good chuckle.

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    Pentecostal, some of them, and a few UnDenominated chruches

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    some do anyways

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    Good question

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    I don't know- but I'd join it just to hang around with naked chicks.

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