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Dogs for Adoption?

I am part of a non-profit organization and we are trying to spread the word more about our dogs and puppies ready for adoption. A couple of people have agreed to put flyers in their workplace and we have tons of ads on craigslist. Is there anything else that I am missing that we can do?


We are on petfinder.com and save-a-pet as well

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    Are you 501(3)c ? ARe you tax exempt?

    Petsmart works with legit rescues.

    Once you get all your paperwork finished go to the local news stations and see about doing a segment for adoptable animals. Every week we do a few so more people see us. Know what we are doing. We let them know about our fundraisers.

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    I found my dog with PetFind on the internet. She was rescued by police in the next county and they have an animal rescue group there that took her to the vet and saved her life. She is an absolutely wonderful dog - quiet, obedient, but playful too and just as sweet as she can be.

    I tell anyone I know is looking for an animal about this service. Maybe it would help find homes for your animals.

    Also, a lot of times on local morning news shoes they will showcase animals for adoption or, short of that, feature an interview with someone from non-profit organization. You might try calling the local radio and tv stations to see about getting on their community programming. (They sometimes have requirements to provide such programming by the FCC.)

    Last, if you are near a good size metropolitan area, thecable companies in the area sometimes have public access channels where you could get your message out on a regular basis. In Louisville the Golden Retriever Rescue organization uses that a lot as does the SPCA. Good luck!

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    Have a car wash or a fund raiser or even get everyone in the "office" together and have a yard sale in a very public place. Bring the animals to all of these events (make sure they are safely crated or fenced in, of course). I realize that you are a non-profit org. however when people come and see the animals without homes and families, they will be glad to give something, if only a quarter. With a car wash, you can raise $ to help feed the animals, find foster homes, or even spread the word more and more. When people stop to see get their car washed or stop to enjoy the fundraiser action, they will see the animals or even photographs of them and their hearts will melt.

    I hope someday everyone will get together and spread the word through a PSA - Public Service Announcement. Hopefully one day, these animals will have homes....

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    there is basically approximately consistently an adoption fee of everywhere from 50 -200 funds or greater in uncommon circumstances. the reason being with the help of the fact maximum shelters run off of those costs and donations and in addition they ought to pay for the fees of treating the dogs if it had an ailment and that they must feed it and practice it and all of that stuff. additionally, a dogs that become hit by way of a automobile or had a existence saving surgical operation might fee greater by way of medical costs.

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    Go to your local newspaper, and to the newspaper of the nearest major city. Ask them if they can insert one of your flyers in every copy of their daily or Sunday paper. They may charge a small fee for the labor.

    If your town, county, or state has a yearly fair in the fall, see about setting up a booth or station with some of the animals up for adoption. Rotate them out daily or twice daily. Make sure they have plenty of food and water. For dogs, walk them around the fairgrounds, making sure to clean up after them. Have your volunteers wear printed shirts with the name of the adoption agency in a large-size font, preferably printed on a very bright-colored T-shirt, to really stand out in the crowd.

    If this is unfeasible, try a binder with information sheets on all the pets up for adoption. If anybody is interested, give them the address and directions of the facility itself.

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    Try your local paper. the one here does a community calendar and we can put in our adoptable pets every other week. Also try posting pictures of adoptable pets at local vet offices. Hold adoptions at petstores or city festivals.

    Let me know if you need additional help or fundraising ideas. (via email!) I would be glad to help in anyway possible.

    Source(s): rescue volunteer, foster mom, dog owner.
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    You could go to faires in the summer or little festivals that mostly every county has. You could call humane societies and let them know about you and maybe they could give you referalls. Or put ads in the local papers.

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    Why not broadcast this on your local radio stations, some stations will not mind doing it for free, why not give that a try

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    take the dogs out in the comunity to sperd the word let people pet them and play with them and then tell them it needs a good home

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    YES contact rescue dogs on the web,they will help you link in with them......internet is great for that

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