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Is learning Spanish in school good or bad ?

Some people think it's a bad idea because then people will be catering to illegal immigrants even more.


I myself think it's a great idea,being bilingual is most useful in today's workforce.

Update 2:

I know,I have friends who are citizens who cannot speak English.

Update 3:

I know,back in the 80's when I was in high school,a foreign language was required.I took French.

Update 4:

Well,I had the opportunity to learn the little French I know from a native speaker.The language they teach in school is not really enough to hold a conversation.For example who in the world says "La plume de ma tante est sur la table?" That is so textbook.

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    Learning a second language of any type is useful and helps to develop a more rounded individual. There are advantages to learning Spanish if you live in an area with a large Spanish speaking population. Spanish is also one of the Romance Languages and can provide a base for understanding Italian, Portuguese, or French. My wife speaks Spanish and we were able to travel around Italy without a tour-guide because she was able to make out enough of the signs and (if they spoke slow enough) converse with the locals.

    As for the argument that it caters to illegal immigrants, there are plenty of nationalized citizens who know English but still have trouble with English. My mother-in-law has been a naturalized citizen for over 40 years and still sometimes has trouble finding the correct words to use in English.

    A third factor is that while English is the lingua franca of the United States, there is no official language for the nation. There is no legal boundary to what languages are used by individuals in their societal interactions. Thus, there is no reason why learning Spanish in school is catering to a population. Rather, those in Spanish speaking communities are doing themselves a disservice by not learning English as English opens a flood-gate of opportunity and information for an individual.

  • Learning ANY language is neither good or bad. However they should be a choice, and not forced upon those who do not wish to learn them. This forced type of mentality is a dictatorship rule, and regulation. If I were to use that type of forced mentality on you, or others, how would you and they like it if I forced you to speak Korean, or German, etc... Especially a language you do not wish to learn, and fight learning it every step of the way.

    Whatever country you are in, whether legally, or illegally, since this is what it really comes down to... That is the language you should be concerned about if you plan on going abroad, or across the borders, and visiting, or living in those countries. Then you have done yourself a decent service.

    Just so you know... the French they teach in America, is not the same French spoken in Canada, or France. I can only assume that goes for the rest of the langauges taught as well.

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    I absolutely think it is a good idea. If you for one minute ignore the argument about immigrants, it is still a language you are learning which will aide you throughout your entire life in communication and when you apply to a job knowing Spanish you have that more of an edge. Not only that though, you are learning one of the TOP FIVE most commonly spoken languages in the world. It is one of the more practical languages to learn and I see no reason why it is 'bad'. It also beats out english as commonly used language!

    1. Mandarin Chinese: 885 million

    2. Spanish: 332 million

    3. English: 322 million

    So no, it is not a bad idea. Everyone could use a bit of culture.

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    Back in the dark ages when I was in high school- you had to take 2 years of a foreign language to graduate.

    in the 8th grade - I took a semester of Spanish and I still remember my numbers,colors and how to say how are you and basic pleasantries. But that's it and I have no intention of learning anymore.

    In high school 1 year of Latin ( that was a drag) and a year of French.

    The only option for a foreign language credit my daughter has is Spanish- that I think is nuts but it is a small school and if you can only afford one foreign language curriculum Spanish would be the wise choice.

    If illegal immigrants or legal ones for that matter don't want to learn English - that is their loss and I am sure not going out of my way to try to understand anything someone says to be while I am in America in any language other than English.

    ADD: It was the 80's. Hey, we're not old though just wise. Right?

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    I think learning a second language is good, but It should not be forced. We can't have a good society when we can't communicate with each other, and the best way is to have a single language. Despite living in L.A., Spanish is the fourth most common language I encounter in my immediate work environment. My immigrant colleagues are complaining of those who can't speak English well. We can't placate every immigrant group that comes here.

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    I think it's a great idea! Learning another language is a good thing, especially if its Spanish. It's especially good if you want a high paying job in the United States.

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    No, it's not. As a matter of fact that is called cognitive language learning and is used plenty in adult classes nowadays for travellers and TESOL. U can tie all latin languages like spanish + french + italian for instance and all germanic like german + english + dutch. English with lots of french words already in it (since 1066) is also practical for cognitive teaching.

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    Learning ANYTHING is good. Anything at all.

    I am bilingual, and make more than my peers because of it. My second job is interpreting, and, we make a great living. I think it allows for more job opportunities and promotions, so, I think learning it is great.

    Of course, if I could increase my pay by learning a new computer program, I would happily do that, also. You can never have TOO MUCH knowledge, but, it is easy to have too little.

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    When you learn a any other language its to cater to yourself, not others, it for you to understand, and illegal immigrants come in many races not, just spanish speakers. I myself am going to give an attempt at japanese. Anyways when your bilingual you get more opportunities then most, and your IQ increases.

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    Learning another language is a good thing, regardless of what language it is. What is BAD is the states like California and Texas who cater to the Spanish-speaking population. When I was stationed in California my wife had to produce five pieces of proof that she was a California resident to get in-state resident rates, but the girl behind her walked up speaking Spanish and not only was she not asked about her residency, she was given financial aid forms and a Spanish-speaking staff member to help her fill them out. Do the states near Quebec give special concessions to people who speak French? Don't think so.

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