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My bosses husband used the office toilet brush to clean the air filter and then he laid the brush on the...?

kitchen counter! YUCK! See, we recently moved office and this man has been very helpful in doing odd jobs, such as fixing the air filter, and other things to get the office up and running. My question: should I say something to him about this dire breach of HYGIENE? He is nearly old enough to be my Dad, so he's not a peer. I am the office secretary. What would you do/say, or wouldn't you? As a result, I've even marked the kitchen and bathroom cloths "kitchen only" and "bathroom only" to avoid him switching those over or something.


I cleaned the counter very well with bleach afterwards, but it just freaked me out that he thought that was a normal thing to do in the first place, and as he has a key to the office, I'm almost paranoid about what else he may do that I am not aware of :o/

Update 2:

I cleaned the counter very well with bleach afterwards, but it just freaked me out that he thought that was a normal thing to do in the first place, and as he has a key to the office, I'm almost paranoid about what else he may do that I am not aware of :o/

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    I would get a cleaner that contained bleach and wipe down the counter as he watched. It may make the point.

    I'm with you! Yuck!

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    Buy a special brush for the air filter, label it and keep it near the filter so that can't happen again.

    Good thinking about the labeling. It WILL help BUT the incidence of the toilet brush is just a 'gnarly gross experience', just not much you can do about it. A cloth or brush is just simply a tool to some folks and they really don't understand how gross their actions are. But it's something you can overcome with a little cleaning and a little better labeling of items that are more appropriate to use for certain jobs.

    Get some of those Clorox Wipes and station them in the kitchen area. OMG! they're absolutely wonderful for regular sanitizing of counters and such, you'll love them.

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    Before you confront..think...."what do I want to get out of this confrontation?"

    Do you want to shame him?

    Do you want him to think before he repairs things again?

    Do you want him to replace the air filter?

    If you are simply confronting him because what he did was gross, you are setting yourself up for serious problems. First, it may embarrass him, which will likely be upsetting to your boss. Second he may see you as a "meddling underling" which will also not be appreciated by your boss.

    If you want him to think before he tackles repairs again, you are out of order. It isn't your job or responsibility to make him behave in a more hygienic way. While you do work in the office, other people's behavior is largely up to them. Putting up a sign will not change that. He wasn't thinking..."kitchen brush" when he used it, he grabbed what was handy and didn't think about it again.

    If you want a new air filter, approach the boss instead. In a nice but concerned way say something like.....

    "Peggy, I was just reading that eboli bacteria can be transmitted through the air and can be deadly. So when I saw Mike using the toilet brush to clean the air filter I became really worried. I know that it is only a small chance that we could all get ill, but do you think that we could get a brand new filter anyway? They aren't expensive...."

    This way you have let her now that you take the issue seriously AND that there may be liability to her company if employees get ill. This should make her take action...if it doesn't there isn't much that you can do.

    best wishes

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    He just didn't think about it. Throw out the toilet brush and start using disposable cleaning items for both the kitchen and the bathroom - that way no accidental mixing and you don't have to freak out.

    But there is nothing wrong with telling him, you just don't want him to feel you are judging him, and make it about you not him. Not, "you should know better..", but "this really bothers me, would you mind?"

    But don't be surprised if he isn't as concerned as you are. He has obviously lived a long life despite all the germs he is covered in, so it won't be something he is concerned with. All you can hope for is he will respect that concern.

    But humor goes a long way, and you can even try to tease him a bit about it.."yes...yes..I know you think I'm crazy, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. I'm so sorry about this! Thanks for putting up with me..:

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    don't do n e thing, this isn't a reason 2 freak out, and mentioning n e thing will only upset him...hes a man, they do that...and considering his age hes probably got alot on his mind and in his life...respect your elders.if you want 2 make it better, you have 2 make jestures...wait 4 him 2 come back through the intoxicated area and let him see that your cleaning up after him and taking care of his little miss haps, he'll think your such a sweet girl 4 having not said n e thing and doing what needs 2 b done that he should go out of his way 2 remember hes not home and theres women here 2 that do find gross things gross ;D

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    If he keeps hanging around there and you suspect it might happen again, go to your boss and ask her if she noticed that he put the toilet brush on the countertop. Tell her you cleaned it up, but you sure hope he doesn't do that when no one is looking. Maybe she is totally unaware of what he did and will be just as horrified as you are. She should be the one to tell him that's a no no. If she doesn't, and you still fear it's happening, then I would definitely ask him to please not do things like that. Perhaps you could set up a little spot to show him where to place nasty cleaning items.

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    It was gross, but you are so phobic!! If you think about all the dirt, germs, bugs and 'stuff' in everything around us ,You, would curl up in a ball and die of fear. Get over it. You did all you could do to clean the area. It's as good or better than anywhere else in that place now. If you like your job don't insult the bosses hubby when he's trying to help.

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    I feel like this was probably a one time thing and I doubt very much that it'll happen again. Unfortunately he chose the wrong place to place the brush. You have it all cleaned and freshened up now so just let it go. However if it should ever happen again approach your boss and her husband and simply ask them to clean up the mess. He probably had a lot of other things on his mind (as we all do from time-to-time) and just laid it down on the closest thing to him. I honestly doubt he meant to offend anyone, just a simple mistake.

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    Sure go head. You can uses my sister's tooth brush too if you don't minded because I would like to see the expression on my sister's face if she finds out. Hehehehehehhehehehe

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    This guy sounds like a moron!

    Maybe you could politely and nicely say, "Oh my, maybe you shouldn't put that brush on the kitchen counter, since it was just in the toilet."

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