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21st birthday celebration ideas - LI & NYC Area?

I will be turning 21 on November 5th. It's a Monday unfortunately and it will probably be cold but I wanted to know if anyone had any good ideas for celebrating? I probably won't be celebrating on the 5th too much since it's a Monday but I plan on going out or something during the weekend of the 9th. I live on Long Island so I can do anything that takes place here or in the city. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, or places I can go to? Also some friends are still 20 so if anyone knows of a place that will allow you to enter at 18+ please let me know! Thanks in advance.

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    For food I suggest looking for resteraunt called Mings if you like chinese food, they have an excellent choice of foods. My parents like another fancy resteraunt called Outback, they have a wide selection like Mings. Also try looking for Keen's Stakehouse.

    Hope this helps :)

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  • kimpel
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    For my candy sixteen final year, I set up this Paris subject. It had this 20 foot tall Eiffel tower, with somewhat some little cafe tables. I even had a mural painted of the line, with human beings walking, and using in cabs, even subways, I had a great(no longer actual) prepare force via. It improve right into a toy, yet 60 ft. long, and as tall as my bf, 6ft. It improve into fairly cool, yet considering which you do not have an avatar, i do no longer understand what gender you're??? My bf had a race automobile factor. they had a lot of beverages and all of us have been given inebriated. It improve into purely a race automobile music, he have been given some autographs, and a few race automobile dudes drank with us. It improve into fairly exciting, no longer something too loopy. If the previous human beings on your loved ones desire to drink, in spite of everything you would be turning 21, yet i'm 17 and that i've got drank earlier!!!LOL!!! good success appealing the form of travellers, wish you have a spectacular twenty first!!!

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  • Anonymous
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    I spent my 21st partying at Vinyl to a nasty Danny Tenaglia set. those days are long gone. i say Mickey D's, you even get b-day hats for all your guests.

    seriously, getting free hats is pretty awesome

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