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What in the world happened to no hitter wonders Jose Jimenez and Bud Smith?

its surprising to see these pitchers throw a no hitter with sick nasty stuff then fall off the face of the earth.

must be mostly mental?

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    I think some of it is mental, the other part is that teams start to get better scouting reports, especially when a pitcher is all over ESPN with highlights of a no hitter. You stay in the big leagues long enough, and eventually the league starts to adjust to you.

    Scouts will give more detailed reports on a pitcher, I.E. what pitches does he like to throw in 1-1 counts, how quick is pick-move to first base? How long does it take him to deliver a pitch? Which pitches does he have less command with? etc.

    Basically the more you get exposed to the major leagues, the more the other teams get exposed to your game. Ask any current major league player that has had sustained success in the big leagues, and they'll likely tell you that the key to remaining in the big leagues is more than just having talent, it's also being able to adjust to the league once they've started to learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

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    I know that Bud Smith was pitching in the minors for the Phillies a few years back had lost his stuff for the most part, he was not over powering ever and had lost his ability to locate, he shredded his arm with the Cards before leaving htere and never recovered.

    Jimanez was a reliever for a few teams until last year.

    I think that mentally both failed after their great triumph, Smith broke down physically as well but Jose just lost his ability to get guys out consistently

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  • 1 decade ago

    They were in the minors. That does happen.

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