Appropriate Rent? Wisconsin?

My ceiling collapsed in my apartment on 8/25. For rent in Sept, they offered me a $200 discount. Items in my fridge were ruined during the collapse (it some how shut off and when I returned everything was destroyed) and my landlord wrote in a letter that she would replace them. I responded that I would deduct the total from my rent. After making the list of items that were thrown away, this total came to $165.24.

In WI, according to untentability (when an area of the building is destroyed due to water or fire - my case, water), "If the tenant justifiably moves out under this subsection, the tenant is not liable for rent after the premises become untentable and the landlord must repay any rent paid in advance apportioned to the period after the premises become untentable"

I've turned in my notice, so I took an additional amount of rent off for the week in Aug that was prepaid apportioned to the rent.

The landlord wants me to pay everything, including the abated rent, should I?

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    I suggest contacting the Tenant Resource Center about this. They are a great resource for tenant rights and info.

    Phone (Inside Dane County):

    (608) 257-0006

    Walk-In: 1202 Williamson Street, Suite A

    Hours: 9 AM - 6 PM, M-F

    Toll-free Outside of Dane County:

    (877) 238-RENT (7368)

    Hours: 10 AM - 4 PM, M-F

    I've listed the link to their website below for ya. Good luck. :-)

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