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Russian Government Dissolved?

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    The new government never existed. Putin's KGB backround is evidence enough for us to be concerned about what is happening right now; the revisitation to communism. Bush spooked Putin when he mentioned his desire to place strategic bombs in Europe. And instead of backing off and coming up with a mutually agreeable plan (IE: at least using a portion of the Russian base suggested by Putin: to continue a treaty of mutual trust) he has sidelined Russia's leader with the backlash being the first International Russian Fighter patrols since the late 1980's.

    And now the 'Dad of all bombs'. Four times more powerful than it's American non-nucleur counterpart. A show of muscle by the Russians? I believe it's a show of intention. Russia never was 'one to be messed with'. Bush doesn't even realize it.

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    don't believe it for a moment,the old guard (Communist) is still in charge. they trying to lull us to sleep in order to put our guard down. they still have the same mentality as before, that is to spread there error and conquest.

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