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Spanish -> Eglish translation plz? What does: "Que todo el mundo cabe en el teléfono" mean??


Someone said that it means "that everyone fits in the phone", but does that make sence?? Could somebody plz explain the meaning of this?

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    Hi Mara,

    The phrase was 'coined' by the Latin American duo 'Sin Bandera' [1] in their song 'kilómetros' [2].

    The idea is that even if lovers are away from each other, their feelings and even they themselves can 'fit on the telephone'.



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    Todo El Mundo Translation

  • Anonymous
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    It is incorrect written. Preciosa must go back to school and learn "ortografía" The correct is: "Yo pensé que tu lo habías escrito" ("avias" means nothing in correct spanish; In spanish is the verb "haber" even I know in italian is "avere", but this is spanish, neither italian nor french). It means (forgetting it is incorrect spelling): "I though you had written it" It is NOT "I thought you have written it", beacause that is in spanish "Pensé que tú lo has escrito".

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    That everyone fits in the telephone

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