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我的名字是Aleck 目前就讀xx技術學院 今年剛滿20歲 我的興趣是上網以及閱讀課外讀物 我的家裡只有我跟我哥和我奶奶 住在埔里鎮 在麥當勞工作 成績優異 不喜愛團體活動 這是從小學到高中每個老師都會給的評語 未來希望是個資訊工程師也是心靈導師

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    My name is Aleck. At present goes study xx technical institute. This year just reach 20 years old. My interest is accesses the net as well as the reading extracurricular reading material. In my family only has me with my elder brother and my paternal grandmother. Lives the town and works in Guangdong in MaC$donald, the result is outstanding. Does not like the association to move. This is from the elementary school the evaluation which can give to high school each teacher. Future hoped is information engineer also is mind teacher.

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    My name is Alex. I am a student at XX School. I had my 21st birthday recently. Internet and books are things that I love. I live with my grandma and my elder brother in PULI. Cheese burgers and cokes suck, but I need the job at McDonald. Believe it or not, my school performance has always been A+. Few people like a grade A student like me, but I always lie to myself that I do not like people who do not like me, and teachers...

    Why should I lie in English?

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    I am Aleck I am 20 year old.

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