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Was that philipino ex-president joeseph estrada really the star of sum 70's cop show (CHIPS) ?

how did he become a prez from just being some actor?

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    No he is not.

    The actor who starred in the 70s TV series, CHIPS is Erik Estrada.

    And please don't underestimate actors, the former president of a superpower country, the United States is a former actor himself (in fact he is classified as a mere B-actor in Hollywood), the late Ronald Reagan.

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    Maybe the better question is, "how did Joseph Estrada go from being president to receiving a life in prison term yesterday in the Philipino courts?" Now if Eric Estrada had half the acting talent that Joseph had (note: he was good at schmoozing the populace), he might have had a career beyond CHIPs. But, Erik's acting was all in his choppers: His super white teeth and that huge smile. Erik is now selling real estate on late nite tv infomercials.

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    joseph estrada and eric estrada are not the same person. they are not even related. but, he was an action star before he became the President. I think Filipinos vote for who are popular rather than who is politically better. there are a lot of celebrities who turned into politicians.

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    ERIC Estrada was on chips, and no, they are not the same person

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    I've never seen them in the same room at the same time...

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