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I'm in 8th grade trying too make my Middle School Baseball team...?

Does anyone know any good drills to do? mainly for pitching and velocity on my fastball. I am good at hitting spots and have a good knuckle-curve, I also have a pretty nice changeup, so I am very effective. I play on my township traveling team but we have a lot of kids at our school (from 6th-8th grade we have over 2100 kids). I can only throw around 55 MPH and a lot of coaches like kids who can over power other kids, so I want too know how to gain velocity on my fastball, plus I will be even more effective. And I want these drills too actually be effective, that will put an extra 5 MPH on my fastball

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    im in 8th grade too

    at my school, as long as they get the money, they dont care who the hell is on the team or how well it does

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    When I was in grade school, my coach says to play long toss. Start close, then work your way back. this gradually increases arm speed and strength. I gained at least 10 mph on my fastball from 8th grade to high school and im now on the JV team. Im now throwing around 70. Also, focus on your mechanics. Your speed will naturally increase as time goes.

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    i played middle school baseball last year but it all depends on how tough your coach is and how good all the other kids are and you have to be able to hit the ball

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    don't give up on your dreams go for what you want in life !

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