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Fantasy Football should i trade steve smith for santana moss and duece or andrea johnson for colston or boldin

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    I would not do the Steve Smith trade but I would do the other one

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    hell no to the Steve Smith for Santana Moss, You want tot trade a top WR for MOSS. I see alot ou of Andre this year so you should keep him maybe try colston for duce or boldin but keep Johnson and Smith you will need them later

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    I wouldn't make either trade. Smith is a top tier reciever. Deuce shares too many carries.

    Johnson will get more catches cuz HOU's other WR are weak. Boldin is good but again, splits catches with L. Fitz and Leinart left a lot of big questions after MNF.

    Colston could be a good trade cuz Brees loves to throw the ball but johnson has proven that he is HOU's only offensive threat.

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    Stick with Steve Smith, Moss may continue to blow up, he may not... Normallly Brady throws to everyone, not just certain people, that may, or may not be a good thing

    Also, stick with Duece, not familiar with Johnson, I like Colston and Boldin, but not as much as Duece

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    SMITH AND BARBER: Heres why, Ahmad has been extremely quiet these days after injury so he's a throw away, Colston takes on the Vikings who've given up the third maximum factors to WR this season and coming off a monster interest final week he gets objectives. Smith takes on the Texans who've given up the twenty 6th maximum factors to WR so as this is a stressful matchup selection however the guy is a monster this season and could be a circulate to for the interest, Barber takes on the Seahawks who've been genuinely shutting down communities DEF sensible however the Bears QB sucks so Barber gets a lot of tries and a few TD action desire this allows!

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    That's a tough one cause johnson, colston and boldin are all strong. I would keep johnson and do the smith trade.

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