how do i know my idea for a book is not stupid or corny????

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    I am a successful self-published author who has published nine books over the last 12 years.

    A lot depends on whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, and whether it fills a need in a particular niche. For instance, I was looking for character building materials to use in home schooling my daughter. There was nothing available, so I wrote my own. I felt that other people might have a need for the same thing, so I first attempted to get published, using several of the well-known Christian publishers. They did not believe that the home school market was a big enough niche to warrant their interest, so I published the book myself, feeling sure that I had a market among home schoolers.

    Today, everyone and their grandmother is publishing character building materials. My book was published at a time when the need was first being perceived. I took a risk, and it worked. And I've enjoyed the personal contact I have with so many of my customers.

    Whether you want to self publish or publish through another company, you will want to do some research first about how to go about it. You can't afford to make mistakes in submitting a manuscript to a publisher. Many work only through an agent. Some do not want a full-blown manuscript; they want a proposal of your idea, and maybe a few chapters.

    Here's a place to get started with the how-to's:

    Wishing you success,

    Lee Ann

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    If you know anyone that is an agent that you can talk to, you might get an idea of whether or not your idea is marketable. It doesn't really matter if your book is stupid or corny; there are many published stupid and corny books. How many books written by celebrities were bad, but sold a lot of copies? The question is if your book is marketable.

    Another way to tell if your book is worth pursuing is to try to write a chapter and hook up with a local writers workshop. You'll have to look at other people's work as well, but it is usually worth it to sit in on a group of writers. It helps to get a good idea of what your strong points are and what people consider "good" writing.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to get a hold of me on my blog:

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    If you get the feeling that an idea you've come up with isn't going to be convincing, or is going to be cliche, you're likely right. On the other hand, I think hard work, and trying to do your very best may likely result in something much better than the original idea (sorry if you're thinking "Duh!" right now :-).

    If you're not sure, you might ask a parent or teacher, or older friend what he/she thinks. But if you don't like what they say, you can try writing it anyway, and if it turns out you don't like the story, no one said you have to publish it.

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    No ideas are stupid, maybe corny... (kidding). Don't worry about the market, write what you feel and try to hone what you write into something salable. That will be the test of how good it is...

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    I suppose it would be from the experience I have had in reading all kinds of books over a period of many years. There are also trends in books. Some types of books sell better then others.

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    you can always go back and tweak, delete, fix, or rewrite it. just write what you feel in your heart. the main goal of writing a book, in my opinion, is to let the reader see what YOU see in your mind's eye. help them to see what yu want them to see, every detail counts! i am currently writing my first fantasy action adventure book, and it's taken me 9 months, and i'm only on chapter 3...

    like i said before, just write what you feel... you might be surprised at how quickly the words come to you, in teh morning, the afternoon, or even in the middle of the night! that's happened to me! lol

    Good luck!

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    Read a lot of books of the type you want to write -- current romances, fantasy, mystery, or whatever kind it is.

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    we wouldnt have many books if authors talked like that now would we.

    maybe you can post some of it on here and get some constructive criticism(:

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    kayde,you no you can rewrite if you don'tlike any part..some books can tske up to 5yrs orthers in a few mo..go ahesd and try,you can't do anything worst,,unless you don't write it<>IS<>

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