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Scariest place in the Philippines?

Can you give me some places in our Country where you heard first hand experiences of the supernatural like ghosts, aswangs, kapres, duwendes, mangkukulams and other scary stuff?

Please be specific of the place. Thanks!

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    I would say Iloilo, in a town called Barotac Nuevo. I've been there, and was told to be careful with the people I talk to, and never to stay out late at night or walk alone down the dirt path especially on a full moon because ...this is what I was told... these aswangs will leave the lower half of there bodies (waist down), while the upper torso will develop wings and fly into the night looking for that victim and feast on their blood.

    FYI... I was told that these people are somehow blood relatives.

    P.S. And somehow my roots came from this town. Does this mean I one of them? Ha...ha... ha.. I hope I didn't scare you.

    If I am, I don't need a car to drive. I can fly. Don't have to worry about gas inflation.


    Another place is Samar. I was told this place is known for it's "barangan" a form of witchcraft similar to voodoo. You mess with the wrong crowd, and they'll make a replica of you. And with pins and needles, they can disfigure you.

    I been to Samar and learned a few tricks without disappointing anyone.

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    Balite Drive in QC, popular for white lady stories. Some taxi drivers who passed by there claim that the white lady would suddenly appear at the back passenger seat.

    Samar or Roxas City (I think) for mambabarangs. It is claimed that a lot of people from these places practice sorcery and witchcraft and can do you harm.

    Another is Cultural Center of the Philippines or that other building that Imelda Marcos built. It is said that the construction was hurried for an international event so when it caved in, instead of saving the construction workers who were trapped, they just left them buried there. Since then, the place has always been claimed to be haunted.

    But you see, I have never experienced them. I am only telling the common belief. If you are an adventurous kind of person, these places are a must-see.

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    I believe that Bontok, within the province of Ifugao on Luzon might be what you're watching for. High within the Cordillera mountains, Bontok was once initially populated by way of the headhunter indians , whose state-of-the-art day descendents nonetheless reside in that field. There is a cave there ( I do not consider the title however I'm certain the nearby individuals there'll), wherein the lifeless of the tribe have been located in white containers once they were contracted in a few sort of procedure recognized most effective to them, then suspended in that field from the wall of the cave. In Bontok itself, consider to talk over with the "Museum of the Mountain People", which is stuffed with artifacts and mementos from the beyond historical past of the ones indian peoples of the vicinity.

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    The mystic island of Siquijor in the Visayas. It was featured once in CNN. It even made it in the short list for the Survivors reality tv show. Unfortunately it did not pushed through. If I am not mistaken, a horror movie named "Siquijor" was released a few months ago to the dismay of the Siquijor Provincial Government. They feared that the people of Siquijor will be unjustly labeled as witches and warlocks.

    The island is famous for its unspoiled beauty, old Spanish structures and its friendly people.

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    All over in the Philippines, I think they are our politician.

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    in UP Diliman at night and in Corregidor Bataan, it is very famous in ghost hunting.

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    laperal white house in baguio

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    cemetary will scare the hell out of you, try to walk alone at night.

  • waray-waray is right. i heard stories about samar. my dad would tell me of stories about 'barang'. if you messed with someone, they could put something in your drink or food. then you'll get sick. like your belly will swell every night or you will vomit insects, worst you could die.

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    awwwwooooooooooooooooooooo, it is somewhere at the graveyard.

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