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如何才能成功取錄?可以怎樣預備,我有1st interview

Thank you very much!

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  • Wong
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    1 decade ago
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    人工比其他公司低少少, 但你想enjoy 去到更多地方. CX俾到你.

    但, 請唔好抱住去travel 既心態去做.

    人工其實唔方便講, 但大約係13k per month without allowance.

    一個月番17-20日到. 福利有medical insurance, 90% off tickets discount etc...

    收到first in call 之後, 若果係first in 既discussion pass 到就有final in.

    final in. 得左就有Mandarin assessment 同 body check.

    最後等contract call 就可以入去train 啦.

    你要準備既就係放鬆心情, 全程要有笑容


    Hope you success.

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