Swirl Tattoo?

I have seen two people in from my university who have the same tattoo. They are both women, and I really like the tattoo, but I want to know what it means. I have searched for images of swirl tattoos, but none of the images that come up are the same swirl. It's a really specific swirl:

-It's a thick black swirl (I think one of the girls has a bit of green in hers)

-It only wraps around itself like twice

-It's very basic, it is just a 2-dimensional swirl that is shaded in completely. It doesn't have any shadow or anything else with it

I can't find any images of it, but if you know what I'm talking about please include a link to a picture!


I would just ask, but I don't see these people very often at all. I wouldn't have asked on the internet if it was really just that simple!

Also, it's not a trendy looking tattoo...it's extremely basic, so that is why I am guessing there is a real meaning!

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    Ask them what it means.

    It might mean something to them, but mean something completely different to others.

    All of the members of my future father in-law's band have a swirl tattoo, because it is the symbol of their band, and they all got the tattoo right after their drummer died.

    So their swirls probably mean something different that the scarien swirl.

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    Swirl Tattoos

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    there may be a meaning, but chances are both girls got their tatt's at a local place that all kinds of pretty pictures on the wall and they just walked in and said "ohh i like that one!" i have 7 tatt's and was guilty of that the first go round and ended up having a few tattoo twins lol

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    the only way of being certain what it means it to ask them who have the tattoo

    they might not want you to know it might only have a personal meaning but however it is most likley to be a friendship tattoo if you no 2 people with the identicle tat

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    Maybe go ask a tattoo shop sorry I do not know the tattoo :(

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    1 decade ago

    Say pardon for my saying this but i was admiring your tattoo would it be too much a bother for me to ask if it has particular meaning maam?

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    the left wrist

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