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Reasearch about Paper...?

I've got to do a little bit of reasearch on newpaper. I just don't quite know where to start so any help would be brilliant!!

I need to know:

what newpaper is made up of.

what inks are used in printing newpapers.

how the two above are related to forgery

and newspapers chemical compositions.


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    Flexographic printing is a printing technology deriving its name from the use of flexible plates. It is a method of direct (as opposed to offset) printing that uses resilient relief image plates of rubber or photopolymer material and fast drying water-based or UV inks. It is frequently used for printing newspapers, self-adhesive labels, flexible packaging, corrugated containers (boxes), and plastic bags.

    Sites placed in this category should deal primarily with this printing process. This includes sites of trade associations, companies selling equipment and supplies, and any site providing resources about the process. In contrast, the sites of printing companies that use this process are not listed here; instead, each printing company is listed in a category based on the type of product it produces.

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    Many enterprises make themselves available for public tours ... particularly food manufacturers, newspapers.

    You should ask your local newspaper if they have tours & if you can go on the next one & when it is.

    You could also go to their offices, walk around to the back of the building & see what kind of stuff they get delivered to their loading docks

    There are news stands all over the place where you can buy a cuyrrent newspaper, and most large cities have what is called a "News Dealer" which is like a book store, only it carries newspapers from all over the world ... you might want to go browsing there.

    There are associations of newspaper people which you can find on the internet ... here for example

    Several schools of journalism have publications and web sites that talk about the newspaper and magazine business


    The question of forgery is a whole other topic ... the paper and inks used in newspapers are CHEAP compared to that which is needed by forgers, although the state of art is such that a lot of people are doing forgeries with ordinary computer color printers, and a lot of those people are going to jail.

    This brings us to the topic of the US Mint

    teh mint makes the coins

    Bureau of Engraving and Printing makes the notes

    They are run by the Treasury Department of the US government

    ... similar institutions in other nations.

    Another branch of the Treasury is the Secret Service, which has several jobs ... protecting the nation's currency, and some important people like the President.

    More sources of relevant info

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    I'd go to any typical search engine (ie google, yahoo!, msn, etc) and type in "origin of newpaper" "how newspaper is made in modern day" "evolution of newspaper" ...get your answer.... then, proceed with typing in "how forgery of newspaper happens" etc. etc....or, type in "Where newspaper is made" go their website, and find out firsthand. good luck!

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