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Are ABEC 7 bearings good?

I bought a cheap *** skateboard at walmart.

It really sucks!

THe trucks suck, and the Bearings, especially the bearings, if u bought one at walmart or target or anything related u know what I mean.

They go freakin slow!

I give it like 10 pushes and it stops like in one second, and my freind has a fast bearings, and his goes so fast.

So I was wondering on buying a new one.

I went to the shop and they have some cool world industries complete skateboards.

They had Abec 7 bearings.

I was wondering if these bearings are good, fast and smooth.

Not cheap and slow like the walmart bearings.

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    Yeah i still to this day skate walmart decks! theyre all right actually but i bought new wheels and put Lucky abec 7 in my wheels and my wheels are Darkstar my board is fast a s hell! the only thing that sucks is that the deck is heavy! but the board is awesome! so get some abec 7!

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    Yes Good ABEC 7 Bearings At


  • Andrea
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    yes; however, the ABEC rating system has more to do with the bearing's tolerance than the bearings speed. keep that in mind. the ABEC rated bearings are used for more than just skating; these bearings were tested on a machine.

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    From my understanding with abecs the higher the number the faster. If your just starting skating I wouldn't recommend that though. Might fall to much.

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    you can still continue to use your own board. Walmart completes (or K-mart boards for australians) the wheels are glued to the bearing. Maybe an idea is going to your local skate shop and investing in some new wheels and bearings. Bones reds would be perfect for you, every store stocks them and they are a great beginner bearing. hope i helped


    Source(s): 4 years Skateboarding and currently working in a skateshop
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