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HELP! big book report due tomorrow and i didn't even start!?

what do i do? i have to go to bed soon! please please please tell me what to do.

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    First off, you learn. Don't do the same thing again.

    That being said, get a summary of the book on Use that information to write your report.

    DON'T PLAGARIZE! (I know that's not spelled right...)

    Don't copy the summary. Infer what you can about the book from it. Also, skim the book, it helps.

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    the best thing you can do is do it yourself, but if you have to cheat, find a summary off the net. Not the best and you'll probably get caught. This is a good life lesson.

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    Stop asking what to do and get to work in the time you have left. Time is a wasting!

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    Make an outline, then the paper will write itself.

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    Hop to it!!!! It wont do itself!!! You can do it. Just concentrate, let nothing distract you, and start writing.

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    What do you think?

    Do it NOW. Something is better than nothing

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    spark notes

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