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2008 High School yearbook themes????

Does anyone have an idea of what a good yearbook theme would be???

Im in yearbook at school, and im looking for some idea's...

We alreaddy did like a myspace login type theme....

Does anyone have any other neat idea's to share???

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    i'm in the yearbook staff too....

    here's some ideas from previous years...

    1) the school mascot

    2) checkered theme with school colors

    3) new york city theme

    4) theme of senior trip place

    5) sports theme (maybe a school sports team)

    6) collage of pictures from the senior year

    7) something that represents your school

    well thats a few, im still stuck on figuring out my own yearbook

    good luck! have a good senior year!

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    like a 'zine

    front cover: picture of principal/person of the year/retiring prson

    headlines: Chess Team Pictures! Hockey team goes to championships!

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