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If you were being homeschooled, and you read in the newspaper that your school was "dangerous" and?

"gang-ridden," that the teachers "didn't care about the progress of students," and were oft-times "drunk" or "obviously under the influence of narcotizing substances," would you seek a transfer to a public school, even if doing so would hurt your parents' feelings??

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    I tried to kill myself when I was home schooled.

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    What if your homeschooled I woould hope your school is dangerous" and "gang-ridden," that the teachers "didn't care about the progress of students." because those are you parents teaching you! Good god I would call CPS!

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    Of course I would seek for a tranfer!! and I would have my parents support 100%. Who wants an education that comes from a school with such a reputations and problems?

    I would not even want mail from this school's address!!!

    What I don't get from your question is about the parent's feelings.......are they teachers there...?????hahahahaha!

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    i think of you're doing a great job. people should not be harsh and vicious to you with their solutions at here in simple terms considering the fact which you have been common related to the way you experience. i think of almost all mothers experience this way in some unspecified time interior the destiny. you're additionally doing a great element via nonetheless breastfeeding! i'm 20 with a 10 week previous little lady, and that i don't comprehend the different youthful mothers who caught it out breastfeeding. i've got confidence like i'm the sole one. What you need to do is get out of the homestead any probability you get. in case you have any friends or kinfolk who stay interior of sight, ask them in case you need to easily pass out for an afternoon as quickly as a week or 2 with them or in the event that they could like to pass to or have you ever pass to them. in case you are able to no longer even try this, then perhaps getting outdoors with the infant (a walk around the line with the stroller or some thing) could help. perhaps attempt questioning approximately commencing classes next fall. i'm an entire-time pupil proper now, and this is been hard, yet no longer as no longer ordinary as everybody made it out to be. It in simple terms takes dedication. Being at school supplies me some thing else to think of (and difficulty! LOL) approximately different than my daughter, so perhaps it ought to do the comparable for you so which you've gotten an id different than in simple terms "mom." in simple terms attempt to stay advantageous and be pleased approximately what you do have. i think of keeping a mag could additionally help you to savor issues and not experience as plenty resentment in direction of your son and/or husband. each and everything would be large! do in simple terms no longer supply up and stay as advantageous as you are able to. solid success!

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  • If this was the case you would not need to read in the paper of all the bad things that are going on because you see it on a daily bases.

    Anyway your question kind of confuses me.

  • April
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    my parents are doing the best they can, quit being so hard on them, one of these days we'll move out of the van and things will get better

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    No, becaust htat would be CLEARLY referring to theo public school.

    Source(s): homeschooled myself
  • Tony M
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    No, I would not seek such a transfer.

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    No, try a private school

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    No. Not under those circumstances.

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