transformer center tapping?

tell me what is the effect of center tapping on the area??

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    If you center tap a transformer, it divides the voltage on the winding in half. The center tap lead then becomes a "neutral" line with 0 volts.

    For example, let's say you have a step-down transformer that supplies 12 volts, and the secondary winding is center tapped. The transformer steps down 120 volts from a wall outlet to 12 volts. If the secondary winding is center tapped, you will have 3 wires...with 6 Volts - 0 Volts - 6 Volts. From one of the outer wires to the center tap, there will be 6 volts. Across both outer wires, there will be a total of 12 volts.

    Source(s): I have experimented with electricity (including high voltage) for over 10 years. I work with all sorts of transformers, including ones that are center-tapped and end-point grounded. I've also taken classes on alternating current circuits.
  • Gary H
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    If you're talking about window area of the core, the answer is none, as the node can easily be placed outside of the transformer window, and usually is.

    Typically, a center tap is just a loop of the winding wire brought out to a terminal.

    Re other answers, the center tap is not necessarily zero volts or neutral at all. It can be, or either end can be, it's your choice.

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    The effect depends on your circuit - how you connect the secondary output leads, and how you connect the center tap.

    For instance, say the secondary end leads are A1 and A3, with A2 being the center tap. If A1 is grounded, then A3 will have the maximum voltage, and A2 will have half the voltage that A3 has. Both A2 and A3 will have the same phase.

    If A2 is grounded, then A1 and A3 will have the same voltage magnitude, but will be 180 degrees out of phase.

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    If you center tap the secondary on a transformer it has a zero voltage potential and can be used as a ground.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    area of what?

    Eg Centre tap gives 0 30 60 volts ac

    or -30 0 +30 volts ac

    what else is there to know?

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