Hi i am in USA now, i have joined University of new for MS but i want to change the univ please suggest me som

Hi guys my name is Nithin i got admission in university of new haven

for this fall 2007 it is in west haven, connecticut... i have already

joined the college

this univ is not good for electronics so i wanna change the univ for

coming spring 2008

my profile is like this

BE in E&C: 66% with out any back logs

GRE: 920 math:620 and verbal:300


so based on this please suggest me some good public or government or

state univ any where in USA

please reply fast , as the closing dates are approaching

please help me out guys

and by the way in this univ, electronics subjects offered are,

available in BE in INDIA ,,,, there is no course satisfaction here

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    The tough thing for you is your TOEFL score, and your low verbal GRE. Although of course most programs look primarily at your math GRE, you likely don't have enough of a command of English to score at the levels the elite programs will require. In addition, most of the top programs require math GREs up in the 770 range or higher.

    I'll give you a list of some of decent MS electronics engineering programs, ones that may accept math GREs in your score range, and you'll need to check their websites to see if your TOEFL score and GREs are high enough to get in:

    - Worcester Polytechnic

    - University of Connecticut, Storrs

    - University of Massachusetts, Amherst

    - New Jersey Institute of Tech

    - U Hartford

    - Fairfield U

    - University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

    - University of Massachusetts, Lowell

    - University of Maine

    - University of Rhode Island

    - University of Vermont

    - Drexel U

    - Hofstra U

    - SUNY Buffalo

    - Stevens Institute of Tech

    - University of New Hampshire

    - Northeastern University

    - Brooklyn Polytechnic

    All of these are quality programs, and appropriately accredited, although none are among the elite. Some may be a reach for you, score-wise, but others may be a fit.

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  • 1 decade ago


    You might try

    Massachussetts Institute of Technology

    Stanford University

    University of California in Berkely

    Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana

    University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign Illinois

    Georgia Tech

    Cal Tech

    Carnegie-Mellon University

    University Of Michigan in Ann Arbor Michigan

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