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NV diet pill?

For those of you who have tried NV, does it work? Also, does it have alot of cafeine in it?

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    I started taking NV on A Tuesday and by Saturday I had lost 4lbs! No kidding. Important to note that I followed a low cal/fat/sugar diet and did cardio for at least an hour a day, but it worked. The first day was kinda scary...I had all this energy and was jiittery. I would shake when I had to sit for an extended period of time, but after that I was fine. I think it has the equivalent of four cups of coffees worth of caffeine so limit your caffeine everyday. But, hey its worth a try to lose some extra pounds. I haven't noticed any beauty changes, but its not even been a full week yet.

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    Diet pills are a big no no,it doesnt matter what type they are,most of them attack your nervous system in a very negative way and they can be come very addictive.I suggest you stay away from diet pills and just start losing weight in the only way that is good........exercise,portion control,limit sugary foods and increase your water intake....

    It works the best even if the results are slower,it is a healthier approach and you know that when you stand in front of that mirror with that great body that it was all your doing and not some pill an idiot invented

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    I have read a few reviews on it and it doesnt look too impressive. I dont really trust the stuff advertised on tv. There's a website I go to that has a review on basically every diet pill out there-- ultimatefatburner.com

    My sister takes NV, but I havent noticed a big change in her appearance, then again--she doesnt exercise lol

    good luck

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    7 years ago

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