How to Check Bandwidth usage on router ?

Hi, How can i check bandwidth utilisation on router without using any network monitoring tool.

Is there any router command to check this ? Plz help.


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    It depends on what router you are talking about - I know Cisco, so will focus on that, though I know Juniper has similar capabilities. You can check the bandwidth going through at interface on a Cisco router by issuing the "show interface" command. This is most effective when you know the interface in particular that you want to check "show interface serial 0/0/0" for example.

    When you type this command, you will get a screenful of information, you want to look for the "load" numbers (may just say "load" or "txload/rxload" depending on IOS Version). These are defaulted to a rolling average of 5 minutes and displayed as a factor of 255 (2^8, but counting from 0 not one). So a load of 255/255 would be completely saturated.

    You can change this 5 minute default to a 30 second rolling average (that is as granular as you can get) by going to the interface in question and issuing the command "load-interval 30" ... I find this a very useful process when deploying a new WAN topology. The tx/rx of course is transmit load versus receive load, which can also be extremely handy in understanding certain traffic issues (BGP load sharing for example).

    Hope this is of help to you.

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    Check Bandwidth Usage On Router

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    Routers are not designed to show this.

    Some upscale higher end routers (e.g. Cisco, Adtran, and upper end 3 Com) with command line capability can show a lot of information by invoking the verbose command but this really does not do what you are asking. Most low end household grade routers do not have a command line capability however and I suspect you have a low end unit.

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    If he is on a seperate port you can set the port to a slower speed. If you both use the same port- you need to set the priority for your mac address to be a lower number (higher priority). I don't have a Linksys router in front of me to verify the commands, nor do you have listed the model you are using.

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