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Alan asked in 科學及數學化學 · 1 decade ago

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Why are the test tubes of gases inverted ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Is it really test tubes of gases inverted?

    It is true that if the test tube contains gas less dense that air, then it will be inverted

    Because if gas are denser than air, is floats. If test tube stands upwards, the gas may escape through some space at the opening

    If it is inverted, even it floats in the test tube, the upper end is glass with no space to escape. This can prevent gas leakage

    This method is called upward delivery

    But for gases denser than air

    We use downward delivery

    that is the test tube stands upright

    because denser gas sikns at the bottom

    This is again used to prevent gas leakage

    Source(s): MY CHEM KNOWLEDGE
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