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F.1 Science

Please write Ture or Flase:

1. There are only 4 branches of Science, physics, chemistry, biology and intergrated Science?

2. Astronomist and geologists are science

3. All Scientific inventions are for mankind.

4. Science can explain everything.

5. Scientist nake discoveries by carrying out scientific investigations.

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    1. False

    Reason: There are still more branches, such as astronomy.

    2. False ? ---> (See the note)

    Reason: Astronomist and geologists are scientists, not science.

    ( Note: If your question is asking about whether they are scientists,

    then it is "True" )

    3. False

    Reason: Many inventions are for the other organisms, such as the greenhouse.

    4. Cannot be determined or False

    Reason: There are still heated arguments on this topic. We cannot determine

    whether science can explain everything. In my opinion, I prefer not.

    5. True

    Reason: Scientific investigations are important steps to discover through


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