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中文翻譯英文 thx 急 10分



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    it is shot for the first time that the mankind will appear, the scientific new discovery too: The most shocking behavior of killing of Africa - generally acknowledge the most violent animal - the lion on the land, depend on the mode of operation of the group, caught the land upper part of the body and accumulated the hugest animal - the elephant collectively unexpectedly.But lions catch elephants collectively this time, but think I by no matter mankind or animal, so long as can make oneself unable to survive,too can protection life not one's own not in all desperation. Dr.eye: After I finish seeing this film, feel very amazing, has known too this world is very cruel.

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    The above answer that translates from the site is not trustable. The gramma of the sentences is all messed up, since translation is just like copy from word to word. In order to write a good essay, you should practice more and learn it yourself.

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    Will present mankind to take for the first time and is also scientific to find lately:Africa most the Hai person hunt to kill behavior-generally accepted land top the most fierce animal-lion, depend on a team battle method, hunt to catch land a top a physical volume the most huge animal-elephant unexpectedly and collectively.

    Be just lion to hunt to catch elephant collectively this time, but I think no matter mankind or animal, as long as can make oneself exist, will also disregard a protection own life.I feel to stimulate very much after finishing seeing this film, also knew this world to is very ruthlessness.


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