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Who hates full tilt poker?!!!?

Omg i hate full tilt! Pokerstars, ultimate bet, they're cool, but full tilt has the stupidest code for their hands. How the fu ck is AK going to get beat by 9,5 off-suit and what kind of donkeys play those stupid hands anyways, or a full house by four of a kind? Casinos offer jackpots for that kind of stuff. it's ridiculous, i hate full tilt. If you have a flush you can be sure someone has the higher flush. It's not even like real poker, it pisses me off. I just needed to vent and hopefully some fellow full tilt haters will answer...

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    I thought I was the only one. In pokerstars im a profitable player. Once in a while I make some good money, sometimes i lose, its the game. But at full tilt, I suffer the beats. Its like every game i play its a bad beat. I flop a set and the other guy flops a bigger set. This has happened to me a couple of times.

    Sometimes I flop the low straight and the other catches the nut straight. Ive also noticed that when you have 2 pairs,your opponent have some kind of draw or a better hand. This pisses me off. I put my money on the best hand, and I lose to runner runner.

    Once I flopped a set of jacks, the flop was j72. I betted like 1/5 of his chip stack, he called. The next card is a 4. I BETTED half the pot. He called. The next card was a 5. I betted, and he went all in. He showed 36. Who the hell calls all the way with nothing, I raised plenty to kick him out of the pot. He should have been punished for calling, yet full tilt rewarded him with a runner runner for a straight.

    Ive seen plenty of bad beats. I have lost several hundred dollars. I hate this site.

    My tip is when you flop 2 pairs or a set, play it cautiously. Dont play it like the nuts. And dont be greedy, it could cost you.

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    I feel your pain. And I agree that Fulltilt is one of the worst.

    You have to adjust your game a little. Remember, there's poker, and then there's online poker.

    In poker, the hands come out however the cards fall. Lots of times, that means one good hand, no bad hands, and no action. As a rule, your fullhouse will win 99+% of the time in poker.

    In online poker, there's no real benefit to the house to let those "no-action" hands play. They don't care if you win, or the other guy wins, but they DO care if there's no action, because they don't make much money on the no-action hands.

    So your FH is still PROBABLY good, but the house would really rather see a FH vs quads ... it means more betting.

    Your flush? It better be a strong flush, because you know your opponents is. Your set? Bet early, and pray for the fold.

    But hey, look on the bright side! If you play long enough, maybe they'll start giving YOU the insane hands to beat the crap outta the OTHER guy!

    Yea, maybe ....

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    It's obvious you haven't been playing very long. AK vs 95? I haven't got poker calculator handy, but I'll guess the AK is barely a 70% favorite. That would mean that 30 times out of 100 the 95 will win. Not earth shattering. Don' t worry... With experience, you'll learn to take these beats and more.


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    That's not Full Tilt hun. If someone else always has a better hand then why can't that someone be you. Obviously if 9, 5 beat you, then first of all, take a look at yourself and see if maybe you should have raised a little more preflop instead of just calling or raising one or two units.

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    I love Full Tilt! Basically, I think you are a horrible poker player, and you should probably just quit playing altogether. If you insist on continuing to play, please play some SnGs with me!

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