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How do I keep my cat clean?

We just recently received two cats, a 30lb maine coon and a calico. The lady was afraid the maine coon would suffocate her baby and some other silly things. I'm working on getting the maine coon to lose weight (it will take a while, I've accepted this), but another problem we have with him is that whenever he uses the litter box, he always gets poop stuck on his fur. The people used to cut his hair really short to keep him from getting too hot, but I want his hair the grow to its natural length (it just looks bad; the fur looks unhealthy which I'm hoping the diet change will help). I had a friend who had a maine coon and I never remember her being dirty and I've never seen a long hair cat with waste on its tail and fur. Is there a trick to keeping long hair cats clean when they use the litter box? We have four litter boxes; I just bought a jumbo one and will buy another since I have four cats now, and the boxes get cleaned daily.


I feed Wellness weight management along with a little bit of Wellness core to the two (maine coon being one of them) that need it. I've been feeding Fancy Feast Elegant Medley because my one female will only eat that wet food (she's not one of the ones that needs weight help), but I think I'm switching the two that do need weight help to Wellness wet food. Any suggestions on another wet food that would be good?

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    1 decade ago
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    Good for you! You've obviously done some research into this and I'll be happy to share what I've learned.

    I had a similar problem with Poppy, a Maine Coon type. She has very long bloomers as well and her butt has been the bane of my existence.

    First, you might want to take him to a professional groomer or a vet for a kitty Brazilian. Or you could just trim that area yourself but the shaving will keep it shorter longer. I've done that with Poppy and it makes cleanup much easier.

    Second, it's quite likely loose stool that's causing the problem. If the stool is firm you're not going to find that residue. This was also true of Poppy. I've only just recently found a food that works for her. Nature's Variety Instincts (venison). I've been reading up on supplements for loose stool, and even bought some, but this food took a month to really solidify things for her and I don't need to use them.

    This is pricy food ($1.79 per can) but I'll pay any price to avoid having to give butt baths.

    So what causes loose stool? Often a sudden change in diet will cause it, but it will clear up in time. Or it may be that even a really good food disagrees with a cat for some reason and you have to try another (this was true of Poppy). You can wait a while longer to see if things improve, or try another.

    As for the weight loss, you've chosen good brands but you might have better results with canned food. The venison I'm feeding is around 225 calories per 6oz can which is pretty good. Or By Nature Organics ($1.59 6oz can) claims 150 calories per can and it's a very good food. Other suggestions in the What to feed link (I have problems posting this link so I had to add spaces).

    If you decide to try supplements - look into probiotics such as Jarrow's Pet-dophilus or Slippery Elm (little big cat has an article on SE). These have been known to help. Or sometimes adding a bit of extra water to the canned food, about a tsp, can aid digestion as well.

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    For the time being, I would suggest a sanitary clip - clipping just the hair in that area very short, but allowing the rest of his hair to grow to full length (this should not be done with scissors, nor at home unless you have been shown how to properly clip by someone with experience). The sanitary clip should help keep the waste from becoming stuck in his long hair.

    Getting his weight down by measuring out his portions and feeding canned food will help (canned food allows him to feel full: dry food has a lot of carbs - think of it as us eating pretzles and potato chips - can eat them all day; canned food has more protein - think of it as us eating hard boiled eggs or steak - eventually you are full and don't want to eat another bite). Once his weight is down, he will be able to physically clean himself. My guess is that right now he can't reach around his own belly to groom himself. In the meantime, you can help him out by cleansing the dirty area with warm water on a soft cloth once a day, or each time he uses the box if you are able to.

    PS - the protein in the canned food will also help with the health of his coat. Just be sure to feed a quality can food. You can figure out which brands are good by reading the ingredients. If it's a chicken flavor, the first ingredient should be "chicken" not "poultry by-products". Ground up chicken beaks is technically considered protein, but it's not good quality protein.

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    1 decade ago

    My cat has long hair and gets poop stuck to his butt sometimes too. I usually notice it right away, cause when he jumps out of the litter box he looks all offended and tries to get it off. I just scoop him up right away and snip it off with a pair of scissors. I found out a way to prevent it: you don't have to practically SHAVE his hair off to keep it clean, just clip it a little shorter than usual, and comb his hair often so that it doesn't get tangles (that way nothing can get stuck). This has worked for me so far. Hope it helps you.

    Source(s): My cat, lol.
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    5 years ago

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    Keeping the hair around the butt trimmed will help as will a healthy appropriate diet.

    Good Luck!

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    1 decade ago

    Keep the hair on his backside trimmed and short and buy lots of babywipes.

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    1 decade ago

    cats always clean themselfs

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