i need info on the food and water supply in rawanda?

i need info fro a project that has to do with the lack of food supply in rawanda.

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    I suggest you start by downloading the FAO report titled "The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2006." This report will give you some facts about how the food supply has changed in Rwanda over the past decade. On pages 33 and 37 of that report you will find tables that report the changes in food supply, population, and aid levels for Rwanda between 1992 and 2003. This is the most recent report available from the FAO.

    You can also go to the FAO search page, and a search there will lead you to quite a few historical documents.


    The Relief Web has a more complete and timely report (2007) here:


    The World Food Program has an informative discussion of the problems that caused the food supply problems in Rwanda:


    Michigan State University's Agricultural Economics department has a comprehensive list of links to reports on Rwanda's food supply that should give you lots of material:


    At the bottom of the MSU page there are a number of links to other web sites with a great deal of information.

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    There is plenty of info, just do a google search on "rwanda food supply", I think your problem is not spelling the country name properly

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