Anyone have a clue what the name of this movie is?

All I can remember is, it's black & white, 2 guy's, 1 girl drive to FL. On the way they stop off at some old ladie's house and sort of scam some money off her. In FL. they get a hotel room by the ocean. One of the guy's is hell bent on betting at the dog track. They leave the girl alone and she inadvertantly picks up a drug deal transaction payment(or something like that) and goes to the airport. Some where along the way she runs into one of the guys at a bus station or airport. It's deffinetly an "indi" film.

I know this is strange, but if anyone can tell me, and it's right, I'll buy and send you a copy.(if you don't already have it).

Thanks, B


Sorry, it seemed to be set in the 50's-60's ?

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    it kind of reminds me of Matchstick men..

    everything but the drive to florida.. I think they live there, but they didn't have to drive there.. there is the money issue, there is the bus station thing, and the airport thing.. and the big clue is the fraud..

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