What does the LDS Church do to those who have deceased?

Well, im mormon and from what i know, the church does some ordinances for the deceased in the temple if he/she is an endowed memeber...now i also that the church really isnt too keen about cremating...so, knowing how the church has been established in many countries, what are its standards on those who are members, are endowed, and have deceased in countries, such as Japan, where they dictate people to be cremated? Does the church have a say or any comments/concerns in regards to this?

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    If an endowed member of the Church dies, usually there aren't any additional temple ordinances that need to be done, unless they haven't been sealed to their family members. If someone is cremated, that won't affect their resurrection. The scriptures teach that everyone will be resurrected, and we know that there are several who have been cremated, lost at sea, or killed in some very brutal ways. Those who donate organs, or those who have had parts of their body amputated, and all those who were born with severe birth defects need not worry about their resurrection either. Even Lot's wife, who became a pillar of salt (Gen 19:26), will be resurrected. Every spirit child of our Father in Heaven who has been given a tabernacle of flesh will one day be resurrected with a perfect body.

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    Why shouldn't an LDS be cremated (by choice)? I've just never heard this before and am curious now. If anyone can tell me specifically where such a rule came from (i.e. prophet, scripture, speculation, etc) I'd much appreciate it.

    Thanks a bunch.


    Now this gets me thinkin: I've register to donate my ENTIRE body (Organs to recipients and the body to research) so when I do pass will this be a problem? I've just always figured that my body wont be needed when I die (as it's taught that upon the resurrection we get glorified bodies) so it just seemed efficient and proactive to donate it all away.

    I'm sorry, I probably should've posted this as a separate question, but it just seemed appropriate with this one.

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    The LDS prefer burial, in temple clothes( if worthy), but states that cremation (such as dying in a fire like victims of 9/11) will not affect the resurrection of the body.

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    You can be cremated, so says the LDS church.

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