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thoughts on bullying?

hi, i need reviews from people neone,

-you can be the bully

-what are yours thoughts on bullying

-bully stories

thanx....its a school project

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    I got bullied too when I was a kid and I think I did because I was a bit shy and noble.

    I found the formula to stop the bullying and I recommend it to everyone:

    Study martial arts, go to the gym and put on some muscle, try to be as social as possible.

    I didn't do this when I was a kid because my mom was such a dummy, moms tell you things like: be gentle with anyone, lend your personal things to people, etc. By doing so I was submisive and paid for it.

    I will teach my children to beahave good but will teach them to defend themselves as well, and always tell your children:

    If somebody makes fun of you or attacks you, beat the **** out of him!. But if you bully other children you will get punished!.

    Bullys live a better life and are more succesful in life as long as they don't become gansters.

    Even if you fail to be social nobody will mess with you because you know how to fight, and even if the bully is bigger an can kick you ***, you can still do some harm to him and he will prefer to choose other victims.

    Yeah it caused me a lot of psychological problems but I am getting over now, now sometimes I get in trouble at bars or nightclubs, I learn that if you act submisive they will try to fight you or insult you, if you don't you can just back off without being submisive and won't get harmed.

    If the guy is not bigger than me I will beat the hell out of him as long as he doesn't get supporters, in that case I tell my friends to prepare for battle.

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