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Why do most Turks not like Kurds?

I was wondering about this while I was watching the news. The US says that there are these Kurd gangs which are showing up all over the US, and the government doesn't like it. This got me thinking towards why people don't like them.


The moderator- Calm down. I'm simply asking a question that I've wondered about. To answer your question, that would not offend me because it is slightly true. There are Americans who don't like/discriminate against blacks.

FYI, I'm not one of them.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    As with so many other cases (in other nations), Turks have failed for long to assimilate Kurds in what they now perceive as "modern Turkey". Over the years, Turks failed to officially recognize Kurds, acknowledge their language, their distinct national identity, their customs and their history and often referred to them as if Kurds are "guests" rather than equal citizens in Turkey that exist in their country even longer than Turks themselves. As a result, Kurds have been gradually alienated, some became extremists and eventually scapegoats in the eyes of the average Turk. Turks regard them as a potential threat and will often accuse them for all bad things happening in Turkey (crime, poverty, radical Islam and so on). On the other hand, most Kurds hate Turks as much. But they will rarely show this openly (business first!). They are also far more into Islam than kemalist Turks which does not help either.

    The political problem is quite big and Turkish politicians would rather hide it under the carpet. Who wants to deal with 8 million people (at least) and the obvious possibility for a future Kurdistan within Turkey? But who wants to loose 8 million votes either...? The strong army in Turkey that has an active role in Turkish politics is pressing though for terminal solutions. Moreover, for decades, the army (in an attempt to justify its huge expenses and stay in power) was eager to declare imaginary threats. This was also provoked by American politics (classic recipe to sell weapons!). Generations of Turks were born with the idea that no one likes them aside Turks themselves (a Kemalist idea to unite Turks against a common threat). Turkish politicians also play with this idea as well = now days raising anti-American, anti-EU sentiments for voting. Newspapers and mass media as well (none is free and most exist to support a given political party).

    On the personal level, however, Turks and Kurds live peacefully together. But as with many other countries in the region, Turks too never lived peacefully with any other nation. Not for long.

    Besides, this is a region where the biggest ethnic cleansing has ever happened in modern human history (for more read "twice a stranger" by Clark).

    So I guess there will be a "day". Again.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I like them.

    I asked this question and it was removed.

    I heard about these gangs. Same story I saw when I was living with a family from Guzeldere which is up the mountain from Baskale in Van. They were what you would call "gundi" which means "koylu." The parents knew about sheep and how to make cheese and how to keep warm in the winter. The children went to university spoke a handful of languages and were worldly and educated. It is a big jump. Some families do not make it successfully. Some do. The children in America must feel like they still have one leg in salwar and the other in Levis. They don't know who to be. So they stick together, boom, a gang is formed. Also, don't forget we are at war with Iraq, home of Kurds, it is unfashionable to be Kurdish or anything that reminds people of the war here so the must feel alienated.

    But I like them, good cooks, singers, excellent tribal style, and my favorite Turkish teacher was from Diyarbakir. Also I love the BIG families. besides, my cat is Kurdish!


    Hi, Yalim Erez was Prime Minister designate for a short time between who and who I don't remember, maybe after Ciller. Yalim Erez is a Kurd too. So that is three.

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  • 1 decade ago

    During my second trip to Iraq, I spent a lot of time on the Turkey border, deep in the heart of Kurdish regions. I can't speak about what Kurds do in the US, but the ones I've met who have been there are hard working, just want to make a future for themselves and pretty much be Americans.

    Those still in the Kurdish regions treat Americans like celebrities. I've never had so many people want to take pictures with me, especially the children. And even some of the "die-hard" Kurds usually would jump at the chance to American-ize, but it's quite hard to do nowadays.

    Point is, from my experience, I don't see why Americans would not like Kurds or vice versa, just because of any perceived racial difference.

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  • dana
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    4 years ago

    Kurds are freedom combatants and that they have got been struggling with for freedom for years. Turkey has come into the midsection East 800 years in the past, Kurds come into the midsection East 8000 years in the past. Turks and Muslim Arabs hate Kurds via fact Kurds weren't initially muslim, yet they do no longer hate Kurds via fact of that it via fact the Kurdish land has a lot of oil.. that's why they hate Kurds and kills, tortures, kurds. Kurds combat for his or her freedom via fact they desire help and are struggling with acceptable now with ISIS and turkey.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    redcandy Turks don't like the terrorist group which called PKK. but if you check we had a Kurdish president, Turkey's 3rd rich is Toprak who is Kurdish, a lot of actors, singers etc...

    Turkey and Turkish people have nothing against people who are innocent and working.

    What we don't like is their fundamentalist system with aga, we send computers, books to the east and they don't even open the boxes because those agas don't want the population to open their eyes.

    They have very extreme traditions also which are not acceptable.

    But there is nothing like Turks don't like Kurds. There are many different cultures in Turkey (48 or so) and some are under the influence of other forces because of politics, petrol.... but it will pass i hope. I hope these people will understand that they are misguided.

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  • 1 decade ago

    There's no such racial rule. Kurds live among us and we don't even know they are Kurdish unless they tell us. And after they do, the only reaction they get is, "Oh? OK."

    That said, especially in cities, there's a reaction to Kurdish pickpockets, who resort to violence to steal. Burglary gangs pick young boys out of the streets from Eastern Anatolia (because of PKK terror there is a big unemployment in those areas) and make them steal in big cities, often forcing them, beating them up when they are not "successful" enough. Still, this is a social problem, not a racial one.

    And most importantly, the general public has a big reaction to PKK terror and politicians who call themselves Kurdish and don't distance themselves from terror. This is most understandable. Somehow, PKK terrorist organization has taken hold of politics among Kurds. They kill opposition even among themselves. There are no other voices to address eastern Kurds' problems, and there can be none, because PKK won't allow it.

    Still, there may be hope. Today (I think) there was a news in the paper. It said, local shopkeepers resisted obeying PKK's order to close shop to protest one thing or the other. Security forces have to protect locals from the terror of PKK. Only then, they will have an alternative to a terrorist organisation in politics.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Nobody here hates kurds who love the country they live in,Turkey.We do hate the kurds who support the terrorist group PKK.But unfortunatelly most of them support it,so tell me how we can like the people who want to destroy our country? You live in USA so maybe you don't know that PKK killed 20.000 innocent turkish citizens since 1985!That's unacceptable!

    Source(s): my father is an officer,so i know their real face...
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  • anlarm
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    1 decade ago

    Try twisting the question and asking why most Kurds do not like Turks.

    Istanbulbogazi, did you say A president? I assume you meant Ozal. What about Inonu? What about ministers of gov. like Hikmet Cetin? He is now the top UN official in Afghanistan.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    egos against one another

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  • 1 decade ago

    how about if I ask a question like:

    "Why don't WASP americans (most americans) not like blacks?"

    wouldn't you be offended even at the wording of such a question?

    and you dare ask the same even if you claim to be a friend of the turkish?


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