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18, depressed, ugly, fat, no love life.?

Yes, thats me.Sad, lonely, low-confidence, low self-asteem, fat, ugly, pathetic.goes on..

I have been bullied most my high school years, which rattled me down to the wreck i have been for the past years in school and past year in college.possibly second year also. I struggle to talk to new people, attempt to get a girlfriend aswell because of my past.i cant see why i deserve what i get now, good education, job. i dont think i have friends in college as up now. I struggle to talk to my mum because i feel so embarresed, i struggle to put on a happy face and go along with everything all well and dandy.

Everytime i go to the shop for some shopping i que next to painkillers, my focus gets pulled onto them as if there saying ''overdose on me''.i have had a thought at least everday for the past year about killing myself but everytime i keep saying, im going to change, but i cant because of my past. I dont see any of my family, i feel my mum is sick of me and i dont know where to go.


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    Why dont you just throw yourself a pity party, that will make your life better. NOT, come on girl, if you want your life to be better then you have to get out and about and walk/exercize and eat healthy. You can do it. To a certian point in an individuals life they can blame other people for heir actions/how their life turned out but when you get to a certain age then no one can take the blame but yourself. Girl, only you can change your life, no one else can do it for you. You might want to start by thinking of the positive things in your life instead of looking down at the negitive things.

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    well! im sure you know that its so much better to live ABOVE the influence. if school is really bothering you, find someone to talk to. they can help. and EVERYONE deserves a chance to have a good education and have a good life. Ignore the people in high school. relax and cleanse your mind of all bad thoughts.

    if your really concerned about your weight, i suggest drink at least 4 bottles of water(and thats water, no sugar) a day, walk a couple of times around your block in the morning, and eat tons of fruit. you'll find it surprising how delicious fruit tastes like! =) especially blueberries. and if your already doing this, then i will tell you one thing:

    its not a matter of what is on the scale, it is what you do and how you feel about yourself.

    i suggest to go to college, fulfill your dream. if you ignore those high school kids, you will be successful. and hey, if your not a big believer in karma, i am! they will have very dark moments in their life in pay of what they did to you. it is how your handle the making fun of and rumors, etc.

    you can try meditating or relaxing. try taking a vacation with only your family. the reason im giving you all this advice is because i want you to experience the feeling of how it is to be so free, happy, and accepting of life.

    avoid the painkillers!! and dont kill yourself! if you think your mom is sick of you, try paying more attention to her and tell her that you love her. i believe in you! im sure you will have a great comeback!

    carpe diem!

  • hello dear first off i am a 43 year old mom of 2 and i can tell u ur mom is not sick of u she just not sure how to help u have to talk with her and tell her ur feelings second is u are not ugly u need to understand beauty does not come from out side it only comes from the inside i can tell u this because i too am not beautiful on the out side but my heart and my soul are as beautiful as the flowers in the garden as i am all most sure ur heart and soul are just as beautiful as mine u are at a stage in ur life that all teens go thu and it will pass just remind ur self that there are more people who love and care for u just open ur eyes sweet heart u will see for ur self with thoughts and prayers for u always .


    Source(s): lived this life my self for a very long time
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    take my advice

    go to the gym and workout

    believe me after 5 or 6 months you will be a different person

    go for it and don't waste your life feeling sad and insecure

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    you really have got to get a good grip on yo self. miesry likes company but never gets em remember that.Ain't nobody gonna care bout u till you care about you first.

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    Don't kill yourself, things just take time. You'll meet a girl and everything will start to come together.

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    start by making some exercise, go to the gym and make an effort, start again every day

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