root word of "necessary"?

is there a root word for "necessary"?

if yes... what is the suffix?

thank you! =)

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    It's derived from the Latin word 'necesse', which comes from 'ne' ('not') + 'cedere' ('to withdraw'). So 'necessary' essentially means 'to not withdraw'. Middle English changed the spellings a bit, so the Latin 'necesse' or 'necessarius' was changed to 'necessarie', then later changed to the modern 'necessary'.

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    In the perception of the world, large numbers mean something, but that interpretation in God's world means nothing. It only takes one because that is all there really is. "I am on the earth but not of the earth" means that even though I am perceiving things here, they don't mean anything to me unless I look "beneath" them to God's mind instead of the mind of the world that people trust to interpret life. We do that through asking the Holy Spirit to come in.Then we trust (with greater faith than Jesus was often witnessing in the disciples) that the HS will answer us. In the world we think power comes in numbers. The greater army will destroy a smaller, less technological one. This was disproved often in the OT. We just need to go one more step, that we have only friends, no enemies and it takes only God's single love and truth to end wars, not armies. The illusion of evil or the world operates on appearances instead of the truth that lies beneath appearances. So demons can keep popping out of everywhere, a legion of them, but the appearance of evil has no power. Every day (sufficient unto the day) we must keep realizing this.

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    The Word Necessary

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    We have all heard of the Roman Legions, as used in the military context. This refers to a military unit consisting of thousands of soldiers. The term legion as used in scripture and by C.S.Lewis can hardly be misconstrued here. I think the roughly thousand years of popular use, followed by the two thousand years of post-empire use should suffice to establish the term legion to mean at the very least a multiple, and properly a multitude of individuals, usually organized as a group of some sorts. I defer to the above answers for the proper academic reference, with which I am in agreement (won't they be pleased that I agree!!)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Middle English necessarie, from Latin necessarius, from necesse necessary, probably from ne- not + cedere to withdraw.

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    It is derived from the Latin word necesse

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    root: cess

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    I believe that would be need.

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    im horrid at this kind of stuff...

    apologies :)

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    necessity ?

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