In my yahoo mail, I'm addressed a certain way, like Hi Joe, I would like it to be Hi Joe Simpson.?

On the top left corner of my Yahoo mail, I'm addressed as Hi, Joe, I would like that to be changed, for instance,

Hi, Joe Smith. Having several yahoo email addressses I sometimes get confused so I would be easier in which ''mail'' I am in Any suggestions ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    on your mail page>click on options>lick on General Preferences>on the top page you'll see to and from. fill that out>click "SAVE" you're all set....Actually, what I just gave you is for incoming and outgoing mail. THIS is what you need>on your mail page>click on options>click on Account Information> that's going to bring you to your Yahoo acct. info>that's where you fill in your Joe Simpson, you may have to log in again, so you'll click edit do your do, don't forget to click FINISHED

  • hutson
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    1 decade ago

    Sign in to Yahoo! and click My Account at the top of any Yahoo! page that has Sign Out and My Account . Go to the Address/Contact Information section and click Edit. Change the first name to what you want to show on Yahoo! pages where it says Hi your name or Welcome Your name. Be sure to click Finish.

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